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The Bottom Line The best news about solar is the financial impact it can have on your organization. The right solar solution—and the right incentives—make those benefits easier than ever to achieve.

Avoiding Utility Escalation

Utility rates in California have been increasing nearly 6% per year over the last 20 years, and electric rates are expected to double over the next 12 years. Our systems are engineered to optimize your utility savings by producing the amount of power that provides the greatest billing advantage to you. Working within utility rate structures, we are able to capitalize on available billing options to optimize your return on investment, while also minimizing the system’s size and cost. Your solar system will alleviate the most expensive part of your energy bill, producing green power during daylight hours—when electric rates are at their peak.

Return on Investment

The farther your look down the road, the more dramatic the savings. While most returns on capital investment decrease over time, your solar investment will only grow more valuable as energy rates continue to rise. With minimal operating costs and an expected service life beyond 25 years, your capital investment is recovered quickly, and continues to plow savings directly to profits.

Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly competitive global economy, any strategic edge is welcome. So imagine reducing your energy costs—in other words, your operating costs—while those around you face higher and higher energy prices. What other capital investment can offer that?