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Getting Started We take care of everything, from an initial audit of your energy usage to annual maintenance services. We are more than a solar integrator. We are your energy solutions partner.

Efficiency First

Our initial consultation consists of an assessment of the strength of your energy efficiency program and where further cost-effective advantages can be found. With an abundance of low-cost strategies and incentives available for efficiency measures, reducing your annual energy usage is our starting point. Our team is ready to tackle any level of complexity, from simply replacing inefficient light bulbs to sophisticated facilities controls. We look everywhere to streamline your energy profile and ensure the greatest savings.

Site Evaluation

Any well-designed solar electric system is only as good as the site evaluation. We follow a strict methodology when assessing the solar potential of your facility. From measuring building dimensions to a complete shading analysis from any adjacent obstructions, well assess your solar resources. This provides the foundation on which to engineer the most predictable and cost-effective solar energy solution for your facility.

Request a Solution

Want to know how Solana Solar Energy can help your organization achieve a brighter energy future? We’d love to discuss the benefits of a solar power system—and conduct a thorough site evaluation and utility rate assessment. Let us tailor a solution that maximizes the return on your investment in solar energy. Give us a call or email us for more information.

Rate Evaluation and Billing History

Your annual utility consumption, rate, and billing data provide the information we need to strategically develop your solar resources. With a number of rate programs available to most utility customers, its critical that we evaluate not simply your total electric usage, but also the amount youre paying for each kilowatt-hour, and at what time of day. A thorough and sophisticated breakdown of your utility information maximizes your return on investmentwhile taking into consideration your future needs and the strategic positioning. We provide a full financial prospectus, as well as predictable production estimates, for a solar electric system perfectly tuned to the operational needs of your facility.

Engineering and Implementation

Longevity and low maintenance cost are two of the greatest advantages of solar power. Your system will provide 25 years or more of low-cost renewable energy with minimal maintenance requirements. Our engineering and design considerations focus on meeting your energy requirements, while protecting and enhancing the integrity of your buildings and facilities. The health and longevity of your facilities are our top priority. The right combination of mounting systems and solar technology minimizes the disruption to your building envelope while meeting your energy production goals.