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Energy Outlook Energy has never been more important. Our environment, our economy, even our national security will all be affected by the availability of energy in the future—and the decisions we make today. Odds are, your organization will be too.

The Energy Mix

Here’s the bad news: 87% of the electricity produced in the U.S. is produced using non-renewable sources. Only 13% of U.S. electrical production results from renewable sources. The good news is that government and private sector organizations are working together to address resource scarcity issues, which present an undeniable threat to the stability of energy prices and availability—and as a result, generous financial incentives are available to help your organization go solar.

Carbon Reduction

Most experts believe the U.S. will soon move to a cap-and-trade or carbon tax system in an effort to encourage massive reductions in carbon emissions. As the ink dries on legislation in the years to come, the impacts of such measures will push energy prices higher. Firms that are prepared for these changes will find themselves enjoying competitive advantage and vastly reduced energy costs. Late adopters will likely find themselves at a strategic disadvantage.

Producing the Future Now

Solar energy presents the opportunity to reduce costs, decrease dependence on fossil fuels, gain security from increasing energy costs, and contribute to moving our energy future to greener ground. Photovoltaic electrical production provides a win–win for your business—and your community. Incentives and pricing structures for solar power have never been better. The future of solar energy is now.

Improving your Report Card

Business is no longer simply defined by the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. Even the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart, is requiring vendors up and down the supply chain to document and improve their environmental and social stewardship. The desire to incorporate environmental and social metrics into their selection criteria is spreading across all business sectors. No longer are profits and quarterly earnings sufficient in the eyes of investors, consumers, and regulators. Success is being measured in other ways—and solar energy will go a long way toward reducing your energy footprint and improving your environmental performance.

Security for the Next Generation

Investment in cost-effective solar technologies represents a vote for the future. If we continue to use fossil fuels as our primary energy source, we will leave little for subsequent generations. Experts agree that our current rate of consumption is simply not sustainable. The only debate is at what point we will deplete these precious resources. Incentive programs for solar energy may be at their peak relative to price; there has never been a better time to secure a brighter future for generations to come.