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Why Solana Solar? Solana Solar Energy is a full-service solar photovoltaic system integrator and installer, delivering turnkey solutions that maximize your energy savings and financial return.


Our firm was founded by experienced builders, giving us a keen appreciation of the need to preserve the integrity of roofing and other structural elements. We design our solar arrays to minimize penetration of the building envelope, preserving your coverage under existing warranties. Our expertise helps ensure we add to the value of your building, while maintaining its lifespan. And we offer a full compliment of maintenance and consultation services for the life of your system.


Principals Jim Bradford and Greg Rossignol share 40 years of experience in the building industry. With extensive experience in project management and client relations, we know how to take a project from concept to completion. Our shared focus on the welfare of our customers business and facilities separates Solana Solar Energy from other solar firms.


We tailor every project to the unique needs of our clients. Unlike other firms, we operate completely independent from manufacturers of solar equipment, giving us the freedom to choose the best technology for the job at hand. Collaborating with strategic partners within the energy sector allows us to implement the most nimble and cost-effective strategies.

Return on Investment

We speak the language of business. In fact, our firm was founded because we recognized the need for solar integrators who understand issues beyond kilowatt-hours. Every project begins with an inventory of the clients financial, market, strategic, and energy requirements; its the backbone of our methodology. After all, our goal is not simply to deploy the latest and greatest technology, or to simplify our work with a cookie-cutter approach. Our goal is to deliver the solution that best supports the unique goals you bring to the table.